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's election mean for freedom? roll the tape. >> what does obama's win do for freedom. >> freedom? >> for freedom? yeah, i have no idea. [ laughter ] >> for freedom. >> for freedom? >> what does that mean for freedom? >> bill: free to dance. >> free stuff. >> bill: first of all, why did you ask that question? what was the point of the question? >> i'm a libertarian. individual freedom is one of the most important things to me. >> bill: you were hoping that people would say well because barack obama believes one thing, it's better for us in the free area. >> well, i kind of thought they would say what they did. and i wanted to point that out. because they just -- >> bill: word of the question oblique question. >> i didn't even think. if somebody came up to me and said what is president obama's election mean for freedom, i would have probably launched into some kind of bloviation about it's not good for freedom because there is too much dependency attached to his policies. that's what i would have said. >> we weren't going to hear that in chicago. >> there was a lot of dancing. i do
media runs wild after the re-election of president obama. we'll have a story that will make you furious. >> this country was founded by latin people. >> obama is reelected. >> yes. >> how exeighted are you. >> i would have left the country if he wasn't. >> jesse watters pays a visit to some far left folks. >> i know i'm talking to the enemy right now. >> don't hate me. >> i don't. >> i thought liberals wanted to embrace the other side. >> i don't think that's true at all. >> bill: we will show you what happened in the latest edition of watters world. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the far left running wild. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. flush for president obama's victory last week. far left elements in america are pumping it up. today a number of leftists met with the president at the white house. they included a bunch of union leaders, guy from move on. and center for american progress people. you don't get more left wing than the crew that visited the wh
that obama would not be told by coincidence two or three days after the election absolutely beyond belief. >> you have to suspend disbelief. >> it appears that the white house is lying again just as it was lying about benghazi. >> how could the fbi pick up something like this in the spring and take months to figure it out? >> we're supposed to believe that an affair involving the hetd of the cia was never discuss. >> did the sex scandal influence benghazi? why president obama didn't know about it? so if he did know about it, there were months that went by. i mean, eric holder at least knew about it. >> if holder new it. when obama smelt it holder dealt it. >> eric holder didn't talk to one of his closest friends? that's barack obama. >> i'm joined by karen finney, former communications director for the dnc. a lot it to unpack here. everybody on that network happens to believe there is some huge, shiny object the right wing should be focused on totally. this is what they need and want. your thoughts on the narrative out there, that this is some big conspiracy and cover-up? >> you know, pop
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. and now you're protected. >>> does president obama's re-election pave the way for the printing presses? thank you richard. we appreciate it at all ways. let me just ask you. if the worst-case scenario comes and taxes go up $500 billion at the end of the year and we go into the recession as the others say, what should, but in your judgement what should the fed do anything about that? >> larry, this is prosecutorly my opinion. but so far we have been trying to stoke recovery with monetary policy. it would be nice to have the fiscal authorities get their act together. there is a limit to what we can do. we can't have a buzz lightyear upontary policy to infinity and beyond. every time we purchase the security. and now it is out to almost eight years. we aren co encumbering those up us. i want the congress to make them. in 449 days, if the case comes about. just to make this harder, say the big tax hike kicks in, the first quarter goes negative, and they don't get a deal together,together, the second quarter goes negative, will they have to buy more? does the central bank see it self as a s
. this morning president obama is scheduled to hold his first post-election news conference. he is expected to face a barrage of questions about general david petraeus' admitted affair, the time line of the fbi investigation and when exactly the president was told about it. meanwhile, the white house says the president still has faith in general john allen. he, of course, is the current u.s. commander in afghanistan who is now under investigation by the pentagon's inspector general for what officials described as potentially inappropriate e-mails with one of the women directly involved in the case. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has more on this ever-widening story. >> reporter: the scandal involving two very different women, tampa socialite jill kelley and petraeus biographer paul broadwell ensnared not only petraeus but his successor. john allen who took over from petraeus in afghanistan and is the president's choice to be supreme allied commander of nato forces in europe, a nomination now temporarily on hold. >> sweetheart, thank you for all that you have done
be appointed to a cabinet post by president obama. brown was defeated in his re-election bid for his former seat by elizabeth warren. so if you want to sound smart today tell your friends scott brown was the only incumbent senator to lose his seat in this year's general election. two incumbent senator, pennsylvania's arlen specter and bob bennett of utah lost their re-election bids in 2010. all right, enough of that real news, we'll gather around the water cooler and talk about the angry letters that the white house has been receiving since president obama's re-election. many solidly conservative states have been flooding the white house's we the people website with petition requests to secede from the union of the united states. for help on that john stuart n >> they have received petitions from 20 states who would like to cede from the union. >> wait. i'm not sure exactly which 20 states those are or which people they are in those states but i think i can express how i feel about these states and people in the words of the great william wonka. >> stop, don't come back. [ applause ] >> at
it the november surprise. in 90 minutes, president obama will hold his first press conference since re-election and he will be holding it amid circumstances no one could have predicted. just one week after america gave him a second term, at a time of high stakes negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff, the president will likely face questions about a salacious sex scandal involving the now former cia director. >> does the president see this in general as an unwelcomed distraction at a time when he's just -- was re-elected and has a bunch of priorities in terms of the fiscal cliff and in terms of his cabinet? >> well, i certainly i think wouldn't call it welcome. obviously the, as i said to ben, the information about general petraeus came to him as a surprise. >> not exactly welcome is perhaps an understatement. the resignation of general david petraeus as cia director hangs another question mark over america's intelligence community and foreign pollicy leadership. with petraeus out he could tap john owe brennan to take over at the cia. secretary of state hillary clinton has insisted she wi
to become a war president. remember the education president? that got blown up by a war. obama was elected on a domestic agenda. he wants to be the guy you gotta side of iraq and afghanistan. and did not destroy his domestic agenda. lbj hasted great domestic agenda and had -- had this great domestic agenda but was ruined as a president by the vietnam war. when you walk into the oval office, president obama looks up and he sees the vietnam general walking hand. you are his worst nightmare. i am here to ruin your presidency. i think is a hard problem. the media does not want to pay attention. we just have a presidential campaign with the war in afghanistan hardly mentioned. i would be appalled if i were a parent who had a kid in afghanistan. what does that say about us? we're putting our kids out there. it says we are not taking our wars seriously. we're fighting for them but we're fighting them with a casual air against. if you're going to go to work pay some -- war, pay some damn attention. the sense of not having skin in the game in this country, it really bothers me. tavis: that is a so
, not pricey. but only for a limited time. an arizona woman reportedly frussrated over presiient obama's re-election is accused of taking her anger out on her . husband... by... runnnng him over! over!caller: "he got out of the car and shh was ssreaming at him, and he started walking awayyand she starteddddiving in circles around him and shee finally, he took off to try and get away and she rrn into h" him."officers say the woman got mad at hhr husband... when she found out he didn't vote. according to the policc report... she blamed the family was going through... andd as upset after learning he won. "i just think it's completely silly that a marriage can get political. families should be able to stay stronger than what's goinggon in the governmmnt right now." the woman is ccarged with assault with a deadlyyweapon. her husband is in the hospital with serious internal injuries. what's the rest of the week going to look like? &plike? let's go to vytas with tte extended 3 3 was bucc showalttr named manager oo the year tonight? bruce cunnnngham has the answer...next...on sports unli
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in my latest book. president obama is re-elected. so you think they say okay. he's our president now. let's move forward. uh-huh. oh, no. tea party members in 20 states actually have filed petitions with the white house now they want the stateless to secede from the union because they're not happy with the election. give me a freakin' break. i thought by the way i thought secession was you weren't suppose to the allow that to happen. i thought we fought a civil war over that. believe it or not pesks have been filed with the white house -- they have this thing at the white house, if you have 25,000 signatures on a petition, the white house has promised that they will respond. so tea partiers in -- get this, alabama, arkansas, colorado, florida, georgia indiana kentucky louisiana michigan, mississippi, missouri, montana new jersey new york, north carolina north dakota, oregon south carolina, tennessee and texas have all filed petitions saying they want to know whether they can secede from the union because barack
and will be fully on board with that. >> can you say a little bit about the significance of obama's re-election last week? >> i think a lot of it depends not on what president obama does. there is some expectation he is suddenly going to reveal his to -- his true progressive self now that he is relieved from the re- election. i think this is fantasy thinking. i think we of seen the true obama. i think the question is, will the democratic party, specifically the progressive and liberal components, change its behavior from cheerleader, from blindly supportive partisan apparatchiks -- which is what they were in the first term -- cheering a matter how contrary what he did was to their values, into some kind of force for the fulfill their duties as citizens. which is to hold political leaders accountable. i think the first test will be this week, the budget fight. where is almost certainly the case that president obama will do what he already attempted to do, which is part of the crown jewels of liberalism, which are social security, medicare, for cuts come in order to pursue this grand bargain with the
obama will hold a news conference today since being re-elected and it's expected he'll talk about the so-called fiscal cliff. >> the american people want action. >> the only thing standing between success and failure is presidential leadership. >> three people have died in central italy has people are affected by widespread flooding. >> the man who accused a puppeteer in an under age sexual relationship is recanting his story. >> a driver coming from nowhere, losing control, crashing into traffic. >> all that -- >> a scare fall came last night. she hit her head on the floor. she was motionless for several minutes. >> ash and all that matters. >> the diamond auctioned for almost $21.5 million. >> i believe it was purchased by general petraeus for his wife. >> on cbs "this morning." >> they need to stop pulling the string on this before this whole thing leads back to kevin bacon. >>> welcome to cbs "this morning." a sex scandal that's caused david petraeus his job as cia director now general john allen's next job is in jeopardy. >> the u.s. commander in afghanistan will not become nato's t
was in a class by himself in any election cycle. there were things that obama did that played with facts. i have -- that is what happened. as democrats and liberals get excited about the obama victory, they should remember that romney failed i think in part because no one really knew where he stood. while he was lying about his record, lying about obama, republicans and democrats this election agreed on one thing. no one could say for sure what' romney was on on any specific point. if he had been a starter candidate, he might have won. if the republican party had a slicker version, more human version of romney, alessa beta version, they might have gone further and won. that was lucky for the democrats. tavis: you have given me a wonderful segue which is now what the future of the gop is. what kind of person into the future, i have -- do they have to put up given the demographic shifts in this country? >> they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. their first impulse is marco rubio for president because we need latinos and he is a cuban- american. that put him up there. i thi
the election. president obama won virtually every critical battleground state including ohio. ryan says that is the moment they realized things were going south. >> when the numbers came in going the other direction we saw the kind of turnout that was occurring in urban areas which were fairly unprecedented. it did come as a bit of a shock. >> ryan may have come up short on the vice presidential bid but he will continue to hold his seat in congress. >> a big honor for oakland a's manager. gary has that story ahead. plus a heavy weight battle in college basketball as duke battles kentucky. all the sports coming up. #úfó [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver w
be a good idea then. >> brian cooley, thank you. >>> president obama's re-election has shaken up a lot of republicans. we'll ask gop strategist frank luntz what voters are telling him about the future. they're not happy. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's. on of cbs "this morning" is sponsored by macy's. ,, (announcer) frigidaire. it means the first electric refrigerator. the first room air conditioner. it means a history of innovations that help make your home life better. now, there's the frigidaire gallery® range with symmetry™ double ovens. it's designed to cook multiple dishes at multiple temperatures, so you can prepare the entire meal at the same time. frigidaire. over 90 years of legendary innovation. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ >>> stil
... of... president barack obama obamathe... re- election... of.. president obama has sparked... 31- ssatts.../ including texas.../ o....file petitions... with the white house... to secede.the one from texas has mmt thh thresh- hold... for a response fromm the obama dministration erikaahernandez 18:47 do you all..it's likeea facebook ,,at thing you makk a page, everyone likes it, its hot for like 2 days then it's gone. ggne.the... petition points out... that... texas... does have... a huge economy.../ ...the... second biggest in the u-s.../ and... the... 13th argest... in the world../.bbt... experts ...point out... that texas... would lose billions... in... federal funds... if... pnion...////.we... will... have... more on up on he late edition at 11 and ts our question of the day...shoold states be able to secede? this questionnwent viral..his than 600 of you posted your commentsson this question....a lot of you on both sides of this issue... still talking about thhs one...join the discussion by oing to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore if...
cain and obama, they never -- they never had a warm relationship after the 2008 election. mccain, i think, has been tougher on the president than in the reverse. the president has sort of not taken the bait when mccain has hit him and hit him pretty hard. and i think this was an indication the president is ready to sort of fight back when it comes to mccain. this is not a good relationship. let's not pretend it ever has a chance of being one. >> you know what it reminds me of? the way nixon could never deal with the fact kennedy was beloved and he tried to smear his reputation from bay of pigs. he was digging for jewels over the cia. >> reporter: it's always been personal. i tell you, it feels like it's personal with mccain. i don't know if it was ever personal before with the president. now it actually feels like it might be. personal with the president, too. it's just -- it's just one of those, just like kennedy -- >> i understand. we can figure these things out. thanks, chuck. chuck todd at the white house. >>> now joining us is u.s. congressman james clyburn from south carolina, member of
told his employees that some of them would face layoffs if president obama was re-elected, instead handed out 5% raises. his company, westgate resorts, enjoyed record profits this year and he says he wanted to share the wealth. not exactly upbeat about t t t ture, siegel says his employees will need those raises to deal with the impending higer costs he believes everyone will have to dure under an obama administration. a tasty piece of americana may be in jeopardy. hostess brands, the maker of wonder bread, twinkies and ding dongs, is warning that it may be forced to liquidate if union employees continue with a crippling strike. hostess has already announced the permanent closing of three bakeries as a result of the nationwide strike by 30% of its workforce that started last week. workers are protesting wage and pension cuts. the world's largest operator of bowling alleys strikes out. amf bowling worldwide filed for bankruptcy after failing to find a buyer for its 262 bowling centers. this will be its second trip through bankruptcy since the 1990s. the company, which employs 7,000
a nice savings for the program overall. >> reporter: but after president obama's re-election, health care reform is on more solid footing. still, that leaves plenty of unknowns, including what state health insurance exchanges will look like. states have until friday to opt in. tomorrow, we'll take a look at state-run exchanges, and some of the other factors that could change the way we pay for health care. sylvia hall, "n.b.r.," washington. >> susie: tomorrow on "n.b.r." a big day for retail earnings: walmart, target, dollar tree, and gap; all report results. and china's chooses its new diplomatic team, we look at that nation's historic once-in-a- decade leadership change. >> tom: the negotiations on avoiding the fiscal cliff will impact your paycheck, and possibly your portfolio, even if the only stocks you own are in mutual funds in a 401-k. john sweeney is executive vice president of planning and advisory services with fidelity investments. john, certainly this is a big threat for all investors, all income earners, how big is it for long-term investors? >> thanks, tom. a lot of our inv
. the election. president obama and democrats won that election. really president obama won it big. it's relevant in this case largely because he ran on an explicit agenda of having tax rates for the wealthy go back up. that's what this negotiation largely, not exclusively, but largely is all about. so president obama's coming to the table saying, hey, republicans we didn't reach an agreement with the super committee. we didn't reach an agreement with the biden talks. we didn't reach agreement largely with debt limit fights from those years ago. i just won. i ran on that. so this is my hard position. another thing has changed in addition to the election. it is the fiscal cliff that you mentioned inhe set-upthere. we are now much closer to the deadline of those bush era tax cuts going up. and the leverage has now changed. if there is no agreement at all by december 31, all of those rates go up. that fundamentally changes the debate over who can vote for a tax increase and when. one of the kujals being put forward by a lot of liberals on the hill -- there's a little bit of good cop bad cop going on
obama held his first white house press conference since winning re-election. he took questions on topics including benghazi, petraeus resignation, fiscal cliff and climate change. we have it all covered in this hour, but first i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, casey mcfarland and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: president obama addressed reporters in the east room of the white house for the first time in eight months this atch. the president made news. but the most contentious moment came when she was asked about the qualification of susan race to be appointed to the head of the state department. you may remember that after the white house and intelligence officials knew the attack on the consulate in benghazi did not evolve from protest over anti-islamic video, she appeared on five sunday news showing blaming the video. the president appeared angry and channeled those who opposed her possible nomination to be the next secretary of state. >> let me say about susan rice. she has done exemplary work. she made an appearan
resistance. >> on to other news. a week after america elected barack obama for another four years, china is going through its own political transition, and it certainly could not be more different. >> instead of a messy, unpredictable election campaign, this one is a carefully planned handover from one generation to the next, and it does seem to be going to plan. >> today, the new leader of the election committee will be appointed, and from there, he will soon will power as china's next president. >> everything on the closing day was perfectly choreographed to give the impression of harmony, including the voting and the applause. there was not much to argue about anyway. most of the key personnel changes had been cleared in advance of the congress. the vice president was elected to the central committee. he takes over as party chief. in march, he will succeed hu jintao as party president. >> we should free up our minds and implement reform policies. we must pool our strengths, overcome difficulties, and move forward all along the path of chinese-style socialism. >> the vice premier also
back out, he thought. >> not what president obama wanted to talk about at his first post-election briefing but what is the first question about? >> about general petraeus, general allen and this entire context of what is happening in the senior military leadership. what was going on with jill kelley and what, if anything, it has to do with the underlying story of libya and the cia's involvement there. i mean there's more and more information, some of it opaque, some of it becoming a little more defined that it was the cia, not the state department, that had the lead role in either securing or being a part of whatever that consulate activity was in benghazi. now, maybe there are things the president cannot disclose at an open press conference but this testimony that general petraeus will give behind closed doors may be able to shed some light on libya, cia and what may have been some of the motives of those terrorists who attacked on 9/11. we'll find out. >> yeah, the big question about the fbi investigation, it seems to me, is the possibility did paula broadwell have classified do
was re-elected. obama care is the law of the land. >> say it again, john. obama care is here to stay. after more than 30 attempts to fully or partially repeal the president's landmark health care law, house speaker john boehner has got to admit to put that goal on the back burner and this comes to support to repeal the law drops to 33% lat, the lowes level since the president signed it in to law. with washington conceding obama care will remain the law of the land, today's issue is health care. because there are important questions remaining, how do we control costs? remember, this law expands care to virtually all americans and doesn't expand the choices in buying coverage. we have got a good start but how can we build on the historic legislation? we have someone, valerie r. cush, still sits on the board of directors. doctor, how are you? >> i'm great. great to be back. thank you. >> so now that we have accepted even in boehner land that obama care is the law of the land, do you think that this will make the american health care system better? >> absolutely. i think that we are ente
. >> president obama's re-election is a devastating blow. but it's not a decisive defeat. we are in a war. we're in a war to save this nation. and abandoning our post will condemn it to a future of managed decline. to win this war we must remain committed to fighting president obama's agenda. we'll work with our friends in congress to remain true to our conservative principles. in 2014 there will be 20 senate liberals up for re-election. a strong, constitutionally conservative senate is critical to this fight. and in 2016, with a deep bench of committed conservatives, let's choose a nominee who can best articulate our shared conservative values. >> you and i have a rendezvous with destiny. if we lose freedom here there's no place to escape. this is the last stand on earth. >> this is issued the day after the election of 2012. it's a declaration of war to win the election of 2014 and 2016. what does that augur? what does that portend for getting things done? >> well, i've got to say, i think that after the 2004 election there were a lot of folks on the political left who were very dispirited b
affair story to prevent obama from losing the election. why we tray us' affair would have had any impact on the election i'm not sure. the point is if only a republican had known about this prior to election day. >> house majority leader eric cantor said an f.b.i. employee told him in october about the petraeus affair. >> jon: oh. the real question is, why is eric cantor protecting the president? why? conspiracy one down. why would the administration want to take out petraeus now? >> this is highly sus spush us in its timing >> a few days before petraeus is set to testify about what he knew about benghazi and what the c.i.a. did it doesn't make sense >> so many people are saying that's kind of suspicious >> this is very suspicious e fact that he no longer will have to testify >> now he won't testify, folks. jon: right before he was about to testify on benghazi, conspiracy number two, now we'll never know what petraeus knew unless quitting is different from dying. and has no bearing on whether petraeus will have to testify. >> that's a little bit nonsense because he will be summoned up to
of a new obama re-election they will not be pushed around by the west. they can blame their own economic woes on foreign powers, et cetera and displace what the conservatives in iran are blaming economic woes on ahmadinejad as against, say, it is from obama and we're protecting our country from the threat. melissa: do you think this works and is compelling to people who have been banned from buying luxury goods from abroad like toilet paper? >> well, y know, i think economically it is not going to have that much of an impact on sort of the distribution of goods as we see. there are bypasses being done through india, through japan, through china and also russia. but i do think ultimately the economy is faltering internally because of the government is able to buy as you reported and broke the story through reuters a couple weeks ago here they were getting one to $3 billion of gold into iran helping them bolster their cash. but on the other hand, goods they're buying are still not keeping up. they have 30% reduction in oil imports or exports rather. they're really suffering on things bring
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